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951 11 88 11

If your want more information about our gardens, please call us to 951 11 88 11 or send an email to You can also fill the contact form. And now you can taste a meal of vegetables! Ü

¡Bien! Pronto nos pondremos en contacto contigo hortelano

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  • Does anyone speak english in Püro Huerto?

    Yes, you will get assistance in english.


  • How can I visit the allotments?

    You can visit the gardens without any kind of commitment but please call us before. 951 11 88 11 We would like to welcome you and answer any questions you have about our vegetables gardens.

  • Are my children safe here?

    Yes, your children can have a great time here because the whole zone is protect by a fence. In addition we have a small football pitch.


  • How many time do I need for the harvest?

    In a month you will start picking up your first vegetables.


  • Will I have help installing the irrigation system?

    Yes, we are always committed to with you and we will help you in anyway we can.


  • Is the garden ploughed?

    Yes, we give you your garden ploughed.


  • Can I choose my allotment?

    Yes, you can choose between the free allotments.


  • Do I have to stay a minimum time?

    There is no minimum term. You can leave anytime without penalty.


  • If I leave the garden do I need to pay a penalty?

    No, you just have to leave your garden clean and without weeds.


  • Is there always water?

    Yes, in Püro Huerto you will have water 24/7.


  • Are pesticides and herbicides allowed?

    No, you have to follow organic production procedures. we believe in a healthy and respectful relationship with the environment.


  • Are dogs allowed?

    Yes, dogs are welcome but they have to stay in the “dogs zone”.


  • What kind of tools will I need? 

    You will need a hoe, usually every gardener has his own tools but we also have a number of shared tools which are regularly required such as, shovel, rake and more.


  • How do I have to pay?

    We will charge our fee via bank account. Charges are transparent and we will invoice for our services.


  • Would I need to reserve some tables or chairs if I want to sit in the leisure zone?

    No, you can use our leisure zone with family but there is a limit of one table and four chairs per gardener. We want every gardener to spend a great time with family.


  • Can I celebrate a birthday or event?

    Yes, you can celebrate a birthday so long as you let us know in advance.


Calle Portales de la Victoria 1,

Campanillas, Málaga

951 11 88 11



CAR: Exit Parque Tecnológico highway Malaga-Cartama. At the PTA roundabout enters the C / Jose Calderon. When you pass the school and the Campanillas' health center, turn right onto C / Ruiz Marquez, you pass the church, cross the bridge over the motorway and at the end of the street we will waiting for you.


BUS: You can get here using the line 19 or 25 to the stop Pilar del Prado, and then you'll have to switch to line 28, to the Campanillas train station.


TRAIN: Campanillas train station, line C2 Malaga-Alora. The fastest way to reach your garden, come flying!



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